5 Portuguese brands to love

Don't forget to pack it

Made in Portugal, these brands are here to love. With unique designs and adventurous styles, they are a must-have when packing your summer bag.


Brands we love Buzina women clothing line portuguese handmade dresses Manjerica


Designed by Vera Fernandes, the brand is now five years old and already counts with some participations at Moda Lisboa, the event that showcases the best of Portuguese Fashion. Buzina pieces are full of joy, with unique patterns and a creative forms and shapes. The coolest thing is that all the pieces have a single size and can adapt to different styles and bodies.
Check out @buzinabrand and leave some love there. 



unreal fields portuguese shoes brand trendy manjerica journal salga top five


Indeed unreal, each pair of shoes are to dream for. Every step seems like a contemplation with them. Made with bold colors and patterns, they bring playful designs to life. Handmade in Portugal with local craftsmanship, every shoe has a story to live a mark. Check out their social media footprint at @unrealfields.



latitid swimwear portuguese brand trendy bikini manjerica top five journal salga


Founded by the sisters Inês and Marta Fonseca partnered with Fernanda Santos, in April of 2013, they launched the first LATITID collection, inspired by the city of Porto. Since then, every collection was inspired with a place in mind, passing through Barcelona, London, and Istambul. The 2021 collection reflects an attitude of self-confidence, no matter where you are. Their pieces are the very definition of freedom. 
Swim by to their social media @latitid.



aline minimal clothes women portuguese brand manjerica top five journal salga


A call for all the minimalists out there! A-line curates natural and delicate materials. Their pieces are all about softness and attention to detail. The brand’s designs reflect elegance, maturity, and confidence. Inspired by women for whom comfort and distinctiveness come first, anytime, anywhere.
Check out @alineclothingshapes.



maria beirao fine jewlery portuguese brand manjerica top five journal salga


Created and designed by Maria herself. Making jewelry started as a hobby and quickly became a business. The pieces have a minimalist and timeless style and are a delicate addition to your wardrobe. 
Check their social media @mariabeirao.portugal.