Interview: Dina Oliveira




Since the very beginning of Manjerica, Dina is responsible for making the beautiful seams that you see in each piece. She is a gifted woman for the arts and has many hidden talents. Discover more about her.


How did you start your journey as a seamstress? And your path as a painter?

I always liked to be creative with my hands, that's why I went on to become a seamstress, namely in leather goods, which differs from ordinary sewing.
With a taste for the arts, I felt like using the canvas with an acrylic technique, such as images, and the moments that I see in Nature.

Discover Dina art work
Reflexos em Montaforte, Dina Oliveira.

Do you feel that there is a relationship between these two passions, that they influence each other in some way?

Without a doubt! Both need a lot of detail, concentration, and manual technique. The conjunctions of the colors are allied both in the Manjerica bags and in the nature I represent in my pieces.
Both creations are works of art!

What do you value in a fashion brand these days?

In fashion nowadays, creativity, originality, and obviously, quality, is a necessity to stand out from your competitors. In my opinion, that is all concentrated in a Manjerica bag!

If you wanted to portray a Manjerica Bag in your paintings, which one you would choose and why?

I would choose the Mini Amália Blue, a bag of extreme elegance and in which I see the warm earth at the bottom, a clear sky on the peak and at the center, the buckle could be one of my bare trees, perhaps a baobab with its generous forms. Finally, I see in the hand strap a chain that would link the earth to the sky.