Interview: Inês Aguiar

Inês Aguiar Meu up Manjerica bag Malas Fashion

By expressing her art through makeup, Inês Aguiar discovered one of her passions. Manjerica had the pleasure to collaborate with her in last September. Her energy irradiated like a supernova, full of good vibes and enthusiasm. Showing her many faces and abilities she now shares her story and aspirations with us. Discover more bellow.

How did your journey as a makeup artist start?

I've loved makeup since I was little. At the age of 10, I started to do make-up to my ballet colleagues before the shows and from then on I realized that I didn't liked only make-up but also doing make-up on others. At 15 I taught mini-workshops to my friends' mothers, at 17, during my first year of college vacations, I had the opportunity to be an assistant to a fantastic makeup artist with many years of experience, and at 21, when I left Elle magazine, where I worked online for 1 year, I started working as a makeup artist.

Is being a model something you would like to pursue? Why?

Being a model is new to me. It's actually a way of challenging myself because besides being short and never having considered such a thing, I'm actually a very comfortable person at backstage. But I must admit that I'm loving how it makes me feel, it allows me to express myself beyond the makeup, just like I used to do when I was dancing.

Do you have any particular requirements for the brands you collaborate with? What the most important brand's feature for you?

I don't have any requirements per se, but the fact that they are national brands, or very focused on sustainability, or animal-friendly, are criteria that I usually keep in mind when I get involved in a partnership that I show my face. Furthermore, it is important for me to identify with the brand's sense of aesthetics and with the people who work there.

How do you see the national fashion panorama? 

Fashion in Portugal, despite being "small", is made up of giants. We have incredible workers in the fashion industry, from designers to stylists, from hairstylists to videographers and photographers, with truly beautiful and innovative visions. Unfortunately, in my opinion, in general, and especially with regards to the Portuguese public we lack attitude and commitment towards, not only, the acceptance of Portuguese fashion as being as good as any other but also the fit it has in the European panorama. When it comes to pieces by Portuguese designers, for example, most of the values ​​that are practiced are too high for the Portuguese consumer, and the minority that manages to spend this money for an item of clothing almost always chooses to prioritize international luxury brands. The problem is a little in the market, but above all, it is in the minds of those who can contribute to the growth of national fashion and choose not to. Anyway, the new blood that has appeared every year, with more and more fresh ideas, restores my faith in national fashion.

What is your book of choice, you believe everyone should read?

Even though my mom bought me a thousand books, I was always a girl who loved comics and anything that was words accompanied by lots of pictures. I'm very visual. When I started working for Elle I realized which type of writing I liked the most, somewhere between chronicles and black humor, and I started to rediscover my love for reading, namely with Ricardo Araujo Pereira's books. So, for a good laugh, I recommend any Ricardo's book. But my favorite book, and the one I'm rereading now, is George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four because despite being written in 1949, it contains many references of today that deserve our attention and make us reflect on who we are as a society.


If you could only wear one Manjerica for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

This question is difficult because I love changing my bag depending on the outfit. But if I have to choose one, which I've already chosen and I'm very happy with, it's the Lídia. Minimal with the perfect size.

Any special aspirations, whether professional or personal, for the future?

On a professional level, I would love to venture into the world of painting and sculpture. They are already my favorite hobbies, but I would love that in a few years they would become part of my professional life too. On a personal level, there are many! Traveling and owning a house in the countryside are without a doubt at the top.