Interview: Rita Bretão

Rita bretao fashion model actress talented portuguese girl azores lisbon manjerica journal salga

Meet Rita Bretão   

On that day we've met the incredible Rita Bretão, a young model raised and born in Terceira Island. She has a joyfull laugh and the magnetic eyes of a natural Azorean. A creative soul who delighted us with her talent. Discover more about her story.


How did you start your modeling career?

When I was younger, I loved working with the cameras. I took pictures of people, plants, my backyard, made videos of small moments of my day, and then edited everything on my computer. It was around 16 years old that I decided to take the next step and enter the world of fashion. I started with agencies, models that inspired me, tips that they recommended, and everything I could inform in the best way. I joined Central Models about a year ago, and I am happy here. Everyone is available to clarify any doubts and to support us.

What other areas, in addition to modeling, would you like to try?

Lately, I've become very interested in acting. I trained in theater for six months with Lúcia Moniz and Paulo Quedas, and since then, I have developed a great passion for acting. I had never felt this for anything! I'm exploring this area and, I hope that soon I can work on doing what I like the most.


Rita bretao fashion model actress talented portuguese girl azores lisbon manjerica journal salga central models editorial

We would like to congratulate you for completing the cycle in high school and we are curious… what is it like to reconcile travelling with studies?

Thank you! I have to admit that, in the beginning, it was not an easy task to conciliate travel and school arrangements. Studies have always been my priority since I was very young. But when the elaborate work came up, I decided not to give up. I think what helped me a lot was the fact that I've always study a little bit every day when I got home. It was essential for me to have the material up to date, because as most of the work proposals come at the last minute, I sometimes had to take a test the next day, when in fact it was scheduled for next week, I could travel more relaxed. Of course, while not adapting to this pace, I had some anxiety. However, it ended up getting easier over time. Sometimes I also ended up studying on the plane and when I got home after a job. As long as we want something, with effort and dedication, we can make it happen.
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What is the most important thing the brands you collaborate with have? What were the works that had the most impact on you?

When the people we work with respect us and create a light to a pleasant environment, it often ends up not even looking like work. Especially when we like what we do, this is essential for both parties to perform well. Of course, we don't always find in brands all the same values ​​that we have. There, our part also involves knowing how to respect. The work that most impressed me was the announcement I made for Sprite, in October 2020, because it was my first real interaction with the world of cinema. That's when I realized that this was exactly what I wanted to do - work with the cameras, both behind and in front. It was an amazing week, where I learned a lot about the entire production and directing process. Furthermore, the people were helpful and kind. I felt good, and that was essential for the result to be fantastic.

Who are the artists that inspire you the most?

The artists that inspire me the most, and make me the proudest, are Lúcia Moniz and Paulo Quedas. They are incredibly humble people, who taught me a lot about acting, the body, voice, and life. They inspire me every day and make me believe that it doesn't matter if we come from a smaller environment as long as we fight for what moves us.
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If you could only wear one Manjerica for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Lídia Lava!! I saw the bag in bright red and with an original format, and I was immediately in love. Undoubtedly a versatile bag, which I can either use for a fancy dinner or to bring some new life to any the look.

What are the prospects for the future?

In September, I go to university in Lisbon. There, I hope to have more work and continue to combine my studies with fashion and acting. I hope to follow the area of ​​cinema, television, communication, which makes me happy. Furthermore, I hope to meet new people, live different experiences, and, deep down, feel good where I am. I will have my friends and brothers there, which should facilitate my integration into the city. However, I also count on visits from my parents and other family members, who are very supportive.