Letter from the founder

It all started when we were invited by the charity association A Little Gesture to participate in a auction by donating a Manjerica bag. Leading by example is always my goal in life, and I could see it in my good friends Pedro and Madalena Godinho Ramos, who actively work within this project, and showed me the importance of donating to these cause.

This association helps children that live in very poor conditions in Mozambique, Africa, by providing them nutrition, basic infra-structures, mentorship, education, and sustainable activities capable of creating a system of self-reliance and economic independence for the families.

As my conection with this country is very strong, me and my husband even lived there, and of course because of the long history between Portugal and Mozambique, I wanted to take a step further and participate more actively with the incredible work they do. 

Giving Back project is a permanent initiative between Manjerica and the A Little Gesture to help eficiently children less unfortunate, giving them the opportunity to strive and be happy. We are the lucky ones that had the chance to live in countries where healthcare and education are a given fact. But for some, that isn’t the case, and if we can do something about it, then we must.

Manjerica makes the compromisse for every item you purchase, x% will fund lifesaving vaccines, medical treatments, nutrition help, aimed to save the life of a child in need, in collaboration with international children's charity A Little Gesture. The funds are administered in Mozambique, where currently x in x children do not live to see their xth birthday.

So far we have funded over xxx and xxx.

We can’t thank you enough for your help with this cause.

With love,

Teresa Bettencourt, founder of Manjerica

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