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Product Care

The items are crafted with full grain calf leather tanned according to traditional techniques in order to maintain its natural beauty and soft feel.
Color grain variations are characteristics of natural leathers and make each item unique.
Over the time, the leather will acquire a patina and may also darken due to the oils from your skin and direct sunlight, enhancing its natural look.
Please keep your bag away from prolonged intense sunlight, heat and humidity. Exposure to water, oil, makeup can unfortunately stain tanned leathers.
In the event this item gets soiled, other than with permanente dyes, try softly dabbing the leather with a clean, dry cloth and mild leather cream.
The care with which you use and look after your item will preserve its beauty.

Assitance for Repairs

The Manjerica’s bags are created to follow you for many years and so we do our best for this to happen.
We are always available to assist you in any problem you may have with your bag.
If your Manjerica needs repairs, we are happy to evaluate the situation and do our best to make your Manjerica still beautiful!
All Manjerica products are handmade and require high-level craftsmanship not only in the production stage, but also in the repair.
To ensure the quality of repairs, these are carried out exclusively through internal processes by Manjerica artisans in our workshops. Manjerica does not offer bag replacement.
If you need a repair, please contact us directly to

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