New Launch for Spring - The Nel hobo bag, made in Portugal with Italian Leather


Manjerica was created in 2012 and aims to create quality pieces with a timeless appeal and functionality, inspired by the unique point of view of the designer and founder Teresa Bettencourt, greatly influenced by her homeland, the Azores islands.

We are committed to sincere quality, honest production and conscious design, producing each bag in Portugal with the finest Italian materials.

Based in Lisbon, we present a new luxury concept of design and craftsmanship at a fair price, combined with responsible and sustainable practices.


ATeresa Bettencourt was born in a small island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. The Azores, a magical place, surrounded by the strong blue sea, the freckled green, deep sky and volcanic lands that, inevitably left a mark.

Her childhood was spent between the countryside and the seaside, everything close and intense. All the wild and mysterious abundance of these islands is reflected on the way she expresses her art.

“I still remember the feeling of climbing the old mandarin tree up to its highest branch. A moment of deep respect, admiration and, especially, a full extension and integration with this other being.”

By navigating throughout her dearest memories from her homeland, Teresa explores the influence of Nature and her childhood life on the island, playing with vibrant colors, shapes and a laidback functional style. From her mother Amália to her grandmother Zizita, each bag has a special name of someone who is important in her life.

“Everything I create has to have a meaning and a story behind it. So when you wear a Manjerica, you are taking all these stories and memories with you, and creating your own. That's the beauty of it!"