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The most rewarding think about Manjerica is to make our clients happy and that’s why we work hard, to be able to create a special experience and a product that people can wear and feel good about it. We always say we’ve got the best clients in the world, and that’s true!

“I am so happy with my new Bag - thank you so much :) very nice colour, very nice size - thank you! Best wishes for you all! And we see us to the next order :) best wishes.

Claudia Herzau from Germany

“I simply love it! It is a very special bag, elegant and sophisticated, but not pretensious.
It will not be my last Manjerica bag!”

Pilar from Madrid

“Always very happy about the design and quality of the bags, and specially very proud for being an incredible portuguese product.”

Luísa Rodrigues from Portugal

“Thank you very much for your attention during the buying process, I already received my manjerica and I’m very pleased. It’s super cute and functional 😊”

Diana Tavares from the UK

“The bag is more beautiful than I imagined. I am overwhelmed. I’m looking foward to presenting the bag to my friends. They will be enthusiastic.”

Yvonne Janseen from Germany

“The bags are of the best quality and Iike them very much. I cannot remember receiving such a beautiful and lovely designed package. Very beautiful. I can recommend it only.”

Edeltraud Kuhl from Germany

“Everything perfect!
The bag is wonderfull, the presentation very carefull...very good work.”

Isabel Conde

“Thank you for the bag. My wife loves it! And I also would like to thank you for your fast support during the order process. Great service!”

Vitali Nazarenus

“I recently traveled to the Azores and fell in love with it, what a wonderful and magical place filled with the kindest people. Now, this bag reminds me of it's beauty.“

Priya Subramaniam


featuring Manjerica

“It is hardly surprising that the designer Teresa Bettencourt takes inspiration from the Azores for her bags. The handmade pieces are as exciting and unique in shape and color as the islands themselves.“


featuring Manjerica

We just had a crush on this “Elite” bag. Dear santa, It may be too early to start with our wish list, but then everything is rush and stress, so here we leave you a hint on what we would like to find as a gift under our tree. As you find out everything, by now you will know that we are unconditional Elite fans, that we cannot wait any longer to see the second season and that this year we have behaved much better than the characters in the series...Above all, much better than Carla. And although she is a bit evil, we must admit that we love her style and we have had a direct crush on her bag.

By Nerea Alhajas @n_alhajas, about the Netflix series Élite

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“Combining different colors in the same bag it’s an art and makes it very special.”

Vogue talking about Manjerica

At’s hard to find a contemporary bag designer who juggles the practical to stylish ratio as well as Manjerica. With their bold colours and minimalist forms. Manjerica’s cross-body bags are inspired by the natural beauty of The Azores in Portugal. The comfort and lightness provided by childhood memories of the region have become like a compass for the brand’s designer, Teresa Bettencourt. While Manjerica is inspired by modernity, its essence in the past so their bags are destined to be contemporary classics.

By Lottie Jackson

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Caroline de Maigret

“This cute lady @manjerica came up to me in a bookshop in Lisboa and gave me her bag. She designs them and they’re beautiful. Good luck!”

Thank you so much for all your lovely messages!