• Strange these things called roads, wich lead us down to paths and unexpected discoveries.

  • These strange roads where they roll wheels and stell and mechanics, but that also drive explorer's journeys.

    It is a warm and hot season, that moves us by the memory of other times. And despite staying back in time, we bring forth the glorious seventies. That environment of eternal contemplation of life, of the us and the self. It's that moment when you leave with the will to know more, to bond and connect to the world.

  • A sense of freedom and conquest of the unknown inspire us to lead this road without a predictable end.

  • The strong and saturated colors compete with each other in the middle of thoughtfull stripes. The buckles are highlighted and wrap with the leather. They are luxurious color blocks that combine freely, leaving for adventure.

  • It is a time to let ourselves go, stopping in unknown fields of spontaneous Nature without an owner.

  • This is the road trip, with the radio turned on the 70's sound, with the scenery far away, the windows open and the hands touching the wind. Let's go!

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