Sustainable & Conscious Design

We believe that tradition and craft together create "something" special, able to elevate a product into a unique piece of art.

Manjerica supports local artisans by keeping 100% production in Portugal and by seeking out european materials.

Our products respond to the modern life woman, with function and aesthetic combined to add multiple ways of usage.
Our mission is that you could wear your Manjerica for several years, passing down to your children a quality piece full of memories and meaning.

We are not bounded by the constraints of the fashion calender and seasons. And so we create and produce our Manjericas without the hurrys of fast fashion, creating a more meaningful product and that could live for itself and not for the trends, resulting in low stock wastage.

We believe our pieces should travel through time, sharing beautiful memories and passing down to the next generation.

Investing in quality pieces with a timeless style that speaks close to the heart, will transform any manjerica into a beloved charm.

Over the years, Manjerica have been increasing the use of Vegetable Tanned Leather wich is tanned using tannins extracted from vegetable matter, such as tree bark mills. Besides being the oldest known method, no chemicals are used in the process, making it more sustainable to the planet.

Our packaging was created not only to protect the Manjerica bag during shipping, but also to be kept after the Manjerica experience. It is a beautiful luxury box, that clients can use afterwards to store and organize their things or even to decorate their homes.

This sustainable approach to design lows the impact on the planet and mitigate the abusive consumption of things.

We believe in Less Quantity and More Quality, leading the way to a new meaning of Luxury, the New Luxury.

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