3 spots in Terceira Island, Azores

Three spots in terceira island to dive visit azores turism summer manjerica brand

Discover 3 (not so secret) spots in Terceira Island


On a dreamy location and so close to our heart, Terceira Island was the chosen place for our summer campaign. Check out the top three places for a beach day at the island.


prainha beach in angra do heroismo visit azores manjerica journal salga top three places to dive 


1. Prainha, on the city centre of Angra do Heroísmo


Baía de Angra was one of the most important bays of the Atlantic for centuries. It's specific natural conditions protected locals from piracy and was the perfect spot to achor the vessels filled with spices and exotic products. Nowadays it's used to relax and enjoy a beautiful day at the beach.
With dark sand and warm water, it's perfect when travelling with kids. It's location it's ideal since it's on the city centre, so you can explore the city and go for a quick dive into the ocean.
silveira beach in angra do heroismo visit azores manjerica journal salga top three places to dive

2. Silveira


A 10 minute walk from the city centre is what it takes to get to this paradise. Easy, right? Once you're there, you will be amazed by the view of Monte Brasil and the clear deep water.
You can literaly see all the fishes and rocks from the botton, we confess it could be a little bit frightening but once you dive in you will be surrendered to its beauty. The pier is full of locals lying on the floor, chatting and socializing. It's one of the most famous places to go on the island.
Some of the most adventurous even cross the ocean towards Monte Brasil and back.

An exclusive tip from our founder: go for an "Azorean dive" from the pier and you will be baptized!


cinco ribeiras beach in angra do heroismo visit azores manjerica journal salga top three places to dive

3. Cinco Ribeiras


Last but not least, Cinco Ribeiras is located on the west side of Angra do Heroísmo, a 10 min car ride and surrounded by untamed cliffs. Before you go down to the natural pools, we suggest you relax and enjoy the view on the black stone seats. This place is freckled by dark basalt stones with white painting outlining the places to lay out your beach towel.
The natural pools are open to the big wide ocean and perfect for feeling connected with Nature. You can dive and do snorkling, or just enjoy the view for São Jorge, the island just in front. The sunsets here are to die for, since the sun lies on the ocean and fills the sky with pinkesh and orange tones.

One more tip from our founder? Before going home, don't forget to visit Queijo Vaquinha, to taste beautiful Azorian cheeses and visit the factory.