5 tips of how to Autumn style your handbag

We've got tips on how to style your Manjerica for Autumn. Take inspiration from our IT Girls and prepare yourself for this new season. 


1. A blazer with a classic pattern and a black Manjerica.

The Sílvia Basalt and Kayleigh from @itskaykayleigh

2. 70's vibes with a little bit of color.

The Amália Sunflower and Nanda from @nanda_schwarz

3. Wide dresses and funky patterns with a cross-body bag for freedom.

The Amália Wood and Elisa from @elisaserranot 

4. Time for boots and cozy knit sweaters. 

The Mini Amália Basalt and Camille from @camillenakachian 

5. A cool leather jacket and a pop of color in bold bag.

The Isaura Lava and Megan from @meganadelaide